Brighton Photographer | proof-galleries

Welcome to viewing your photographs!

These images are unedited, mostly straight out of camera. Don't pay attention to any spots or blemishes, or indeed to any studio lights or light stands that are visible at the edges of some images - choose your images based on the main subject, you! The images you choose from your gallery will be retouched and edited as appropriate to a stunning finish.

To select your images, follow these instructions:

1) Click on your gallery to view your images. (please contact me if you have misplaced your password)

2) When you open your gallery, click on the first photo on the list. You will then see that image in large size and the rest in small thumbnail size. 
3) If you hover your mouse over the large image, a menu will appear at the top left of the image. If this is a photo you would like to select, click on 'Add to favourites'.
4) As you add images to favourites, you will see the total number adding up to 'Favourites' at the top left of the window. You can add as many as you like to shortlist as candidates for the final selection.
5) Click on the link at top left of the window (Favourites: My selection) to see all the images you have selected. You can remove images from the selection by clicking on the (x) at top right of each image.
6) Once you have your final selection of images, you need to share your selection with me so that I can see which ones you have picked. Click on 'Send to' button at the top left of the window. (Make sure 'Send to Photographer' tab is selected.) Type in your name and e-mail address and any message, and click on 'Share' to send your selection to me.

I will then be able to view the images you have picked, I will process and edit them and send to you in high resolution.