Brighton Photographer | Pet Portraits


If you would like to have some fantastic, beautiful and fun photos of your beloved pets, you are in safe hands if you hire me for the job. My pet photo shoots are very flexible and fun, and always take the welfare of your pet into consideration.

Pet portrait sessions are £35 for one hour (one location) and £70 for a two hour shoot (two locations). All photos from your shoot will be uploaded onto a web site where you can view them at your leasure, and order prints and wall art. Prices start from £8.90/print. You can also purchase the digital file with full rights to print and upload to social networks. Below are the types of photo shoot sessions I offer. You can choose one type only, or combine two or all three styles however you wish.


This is probably the most fun shoot for dogs, as they get to run around and play to their heart's content. We can have the shoot at your (and your dog's) favourite location, in the South Downs or a park or the beach, for example. Bring your dog's favourite toy or two to the shoot, and you will get lots of fun action shots with fabulous expressions.


Studio portraits of pets can be as creative as we make them. I can use special lighting techniques to make fantastic, artistic portraits of your pet. This type of shoot is only suitable for pets that are happy with staying put for a while, as I will not force pets to do anything they aren't comfortable doing. Your pet doesn't need to be highly trained as long as they are willing to sit/lie on their own at least for a few seconds at a time. Unless of course you want studio portraits together with your pet, in which case there is no need for them to be posing on their own! 


Lifestyle shoot is when I photograph you with your pet(s), doing what you do together and go where you go. It can be in your home, indoors and/or outdoors, in your garden, on your street/neighbourhood, in your favourite pet friendly cafe, playing together in the park, walking, posing, not posing... However you would like your life with your pet to be recorded, I will preserve those memories for you in beautiful photographs.
To book your photo shoot, please call 07951-635802 or e-mail